To assist the people of Forsyth and Dawson County areas with essential needs and to be self-sustaining.


To improve lives compassionately and collaboratively using the resources in our community.


Accountability and Stewardship
We maintain the highest standards in the nonprofit and business world.​ We ensure all donations are used appropriately to accomplish the greatest good. We focus on sustainability and carrying out our mission with increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Compassion and Hope
We provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for all clients. We review each case on an individual basis and work to address all needs we identify.

Dignity and Respect
We evaluate all processes to focus on the dignity of those we serve. We demonstrate respect by listening to and offering support to our clients.

Collaboration and Coordination
We bring resources together to transform lives in our area. We seek to identify gaps of needs in our community and, through collaboration, find creative ways to meet the needs.​